To book a car, all you need are a credit card (Visa - Master Card) in the name of the main driver with enough current balance to cover the security deposit; a two-year valid driving licence for each driver; and passport.

Additional driver is free of charge.

Yes, you can reserve Baby Seat, Booster and GPS Navigation for a certain amount of fee (the price will be clear during selection). Please, make reservation by stating how old and how many kilograms is your child in detail.

You can book a car in 3 steps easily. Please choose the destination & the date in the first step, the vehicle type in the second step and fill in the information form in the third step. After receiving your booking request, we will send you a confirmation message within 24 hours (please write your flight, departure and arrival details specifically for airport delivery since we will make controls for flight routes and cancellations).

You can get your car from our Offices or your Hotel, Motel, Pension or any address where you reside. If the car is booked on condition of “Airport” delivery, we will meet you in “INDIVIDUAL WELCOMERS” hall outside the terminal with a welcome board having your name on thereof. Our team member will accompany you to the car located in the parking lot, fill in the contract and the vehicle damage form and then make the delivery.

A carhiredalamanturkey.com staff will meet you at the airport in departure at the appointed time and receive the car after controlling it. Please inform us by telephone in case of delays.

No, we do not receive payment from our website. You can pay the rental fee by Credit Card or Debit Card during delivery by Book Now & Pay on Arrival System.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) includes %18 Tax, Excess starting 300.00 GBP, Theft Protection (TP) includes 18% Tax, Excess 300,00 GBP , The customer is liable to pay the first part of the claim in the event of an accident/collision.The excess fee is the maximum amount that the renter is liable to pay in case of an accident/collision as long as s/he obtains an offical police report. Excess fee will be void and the renter will be expected to pay the whole damage costs in case of unreported damages.

Super Excess Cover - means that in the event of accident / damage or theft the rental will be expected to pay the first part of the claim.Excess fee varies depending on the car category, By taking out this optional insurance,tehe renter can eliminate the risk of any responsibility of excess charges.ıt means that the renter pays nothing providing that she/he adheres to the terms and conditions.(submitting alcohol and tyraffic police reports are mandatory)

HTW-Headlights Tyres,Windscreen - for Cars The Renter may be held responsible for damage to or loss of tyres, windscreens, glass unless s/he has taken out additional insurance covering these parties.

*Depending on the rental period of the vehicles, the mileage limits also vary.
250 KM per day for 1 to 3 day rentals here
200 KM per day for 4 to 7 day resital
170 KM limit for rentals between 8 and 14 days.
While this figure decreases to 140 KM for 15 days or more rentals, a total of 3500 KM limit is determined for monthly rentals.
In cases where the determined mileage limits are exceeded, 6 TL + VAT is collected from the tenant for each kilometer exceeded from the specified limit.

All kinds of traffic fines that may occur during rental period are under the responsibility of the Renter.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please send us an-email or call our team by telephone within the shortest time. If you have informed us about your flight details previously, our team-mates will monitor your flight and deliver the vehicle accordingly.

You can make reservation 24 hours in advance. It may be sometimes impossible to provide vehicle in high season, therefore we recommend you to make early reservation. Please contact us for your last-minute bookings.

Yes, minimum age for renting is 21 in compact groups and 25 for other groups.

Periodical control and maintenance of our cars are performed in due course and precisely in order to prevent any technical problem during your travel. You should call us immediately in case of any breakdown, we will replace your car if necessary.

We have offices at Dalaman Airport and Fethiye Center. Our activities are in the Aegean region and the Mediterranean region, which are the following provinces: Muğla, Antalya, Aydın, İzmir, Denizli, Manisa, Burdur, Isparta, Burdur. You can travel at any Kilometers in the provinces in this region. Your unlimited mileage is within the specified provinces.

No one can use the car other than the drivers stated in the rental contract. In this case, the Renter assumes full responsibility.

You should call the Police (155) or Gendarme (156) without moving the car so that the insurance can be valid. Traffic documents, alcohol report and details of the other cars being involved in the accident should be taken as well. Please inform the Carhiredalamanturkey.com Office from emergency numbers as soon as possible.

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